Yamaha RX-V1300 AV-receiver

Yamaha RX-V1300 AV-receiver photo

The design of this device is classical for the Yamaha receivers of the highest class: figure notch, four rotary controllers, including timbres; the door, which hides the controls and AV input with connector of optical digital signal. It is desired to do the first setup by screen menu, but if where is no possibility (or desire) to connect the receiver to TV, you can also navigate by the display on the front panel. This procedure is not always consistent, but if you go through all 15 steps, the device will be configured will all the parameters (the interesting fact that the delay can be measured in both milliseconds and meters " with relatively small step of 0,15 m).

The receiver Yamaha RX-V1300 can sound the second room only by connection of additional pair of speaker system. The remote control is really universal device, which I able to control eleven additional devices. When you select an input, it automatically switches to control mode over the device, being connected to this input, and the name of device of five symbols (which you can enter by yourself) appears on the LCD display. The remote control has the control codes for almost all main manufacturers (are selected by the name, appearing on LCD display at turning the remote control into Setup mode). If none of the codes work, the possibility of learning is provided. The receiver reacts on its commands instantly. This is a real universal machine, which differs by elaborated audio path and has almost endless opportunities to change the characteristics of sound field by means of the branded Cinema DSP system.