Yamaha CD-S300 CD-player

Yamaha CD-S300 CD-player photo

In recent times the Japanese giant has greatly expanded the model range of stereo components, which includes the player " CD-S300. It is made in retro style but still has some differences in appearance and constructive elements. A frontal USB connector, for example, refers to such features, with a help of which you can listen to audios from iPod. The device is literally packed with the firm-specific technologies. Well, the patented Intelligent Digital Servo servo-technology is used in reading mechanism, and output circuits are built with minimal signal path. In addition, Pure Direct mode is provided for especially qualitative sound, in which all secondary circuits are disabled.

While listening you immediately pay attention to vocal " it sounds with soul, fully and truly enough. Honestly, you don’t feel in the sound of CD-S300 digital stiffness; music flows without audible strain, but also without uncompromising audiophile accuracy in nuances. Overall dynamics seems to be slightly weakened and lower bass " drawn in. Upper register is detailed and even graceful, but not too airy. The scene is built to be sufficient in width, although the localization on its edges is not ideal.

Enabling the Pure Direct mode has a beneficial effect primarily on sound resolution " microdynamic picture less appears at the top and additional shades " in the midrange.