REL T5 Subwoofer

REL T5 Subwoofer photo

REL T5 is from the junior line and is the low-end model in it except for the compact REL T-Zero. And yet the American company REL, which specializes exactly in subwoofers, promises the depth of bass lower 30 Hz even for the most their compact models. The model T5 is really quite small and completely fits the cube less than 30 cm. The sub's case is covered with nine layers of the qualitative polished by hand lacquer. The legs are milled from a solid piece of aluminum. The branded 200-mm long-stroke speaker with a steel basket is placed at the bottom of the closed body. The amplifier with the power of 125W works in A/B class. The model is equipped with three inputs: LFE, linear mono input and high-level input. Two volume controls are separately responsible for LFE input and linear/high-level inputs (not used together). The feature of the sub is in a parallel use of LFE and high-level input. Due to comparison of the signal from both inputs Natural RollOff circuit generates the most suitable resultant signal (especially useful for 5.1 configuration).

Subwoofer REL T5 forms a taut, clear bass, which transmits well the tones of instruments. Frequency balance is smooth. The dynamics is calm - the sub does not try to get to the front. Bass clarity at the same time is very good. The lowest case is present, but its intelligibility is slightly reduced, so there are small ups and downs in sensitivity. A little extra emphasis of the loudest sounds can be referred to the features of sound character.